Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands

  04 Oct 2018

You’re no stranger to Dragon Age Inquisition, aren’t you? It’s a fantasy role-playing game, which was released on November 18th, 2014 by BioWare. And it’s known as the latest title of the Dragon Age series.

Since you’re here, we will show a list of necessary Dragon Age Inquisition console commands. From there, you can get a BIG advantage to win this game soon.

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Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands 1

How to use console commands or codes?

Before finding the available console commands, you need to know to avail them while playing Dragon Age Inquisition. Since the old batch of direct console cheats doesn’t work effectively, you should follow us carefully.

  • First of all, you have to create a shortcut to the dai.exe file on the desktop. Just enter program files (x86)\Dragon Age Inquisition\bin_ship folder.
  • Then right click on the file to choose Properties.
  • Search for the target field and add the code “enabledeveloperconsole.” Make sure it should resemble C:\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age 2\bin_ship\DragonAgeInquitiion.exe – enabledeveloperconsole.
  • Next, use the default tilde key (~) to turn on the code.
  • Finally, start typing the console commands and tap Enter to start them.

Dragon Age Inquisition console commands to consider

As outlined above, you need to know the Dragon Age Inquisition console commands help to complete this game quickly as well as giving you fun moments while playing. Take a look at the commands below now!

Console commands


runscriptchargen mage Turn players into a level 2 mage
runscriptchargen warrior Turn players into a level 2 warrior
runscriptchargen mage Turn players into a level 2 rogue
runscriptaddxp x Add XP to your character(s) for quicker leveling up
runscriptaddmoney xx Add money to your character. xx is the amount of money you want to have in the inventory
runscriptzz_supercrit player Allow the players to get 50 Strength, 50 Dexterity, 1000 mana, and 1000 health
runscriptkillallhostiles Eliminates all enemies in the area
runscriptbowlingforferelden Kill enemies and create a shield surrounding
runscript injury remparty Get rid of all injuries from your party
runscripthealplayer Heal the player and his/her party
runscriptpc_immortal God Mode
Xrunscriptdbg_setattrib x y 1-minute attribute buff
help Graphics options

A BIG note to remember is that you should backup all the game files before changing with game data. Avoid using too many commands at once because it might lead to crashing the game and you might end up losing your saved progress.

Additionally, we want to focus on other console commands of the PCs only. For instance, if you are going to unlock a higher framerate for the PC version, type GameTime.MaxVariableFPSxx. Xx here is the value you need the framerate to run.

And below is what you need, game lovers.

  • MaxVariableFPS
  • DrawScreenInfo
  • ResolutionScale
  • VSyncFlashTestEnable
  • Dx11Enable
  • e RenderDevice.Dx11Dot1Enable
  • Dx11Dot1RuntimeEnable
  • ForceRenderAheadLimit 2
  • StereoConvergenceScale
  • StereoSeparationScale
  • StereoSoliderZoomConvergenceScale
  • TrippleBufferingEnable 1
  • VSyncEnable
  • Enable
  • DrawGraph 1
  • DrawFPS 1
  • DrawFPSMethod
  • GraphMethod
  • LegendDisplayFormat
  • BlurMethod
  • DofMethod
  • DynamicAOEnable
  • DynamicAOMethod
  • Format
  • Render
  • BordersEnable
  • Height
  • PosX
  • PosY
  • Width
  • MotionBlurEnable
  • MotionBlurForceOn
  • MotionBlurFixedShutterTime
  • MotionBlurFrameAverageCount
  • MotionBlurHax
  • MotionBlurMaxSampleCount
  • MotionBlurNoiseScale
  • MotionBlurQuality
  • MotionBlurScale
  • LightTileCsPathEnable
  • SpotLightShadownmapEnable
  • SpotLightShadownmapResolution
  • TransparencyShadowmapsEnable

Dragon Age Inquisition Cheat Engine

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands 2

Along with the Dragon Age Inquisition console commands, finding cheats for more gold, better stats, unlimited potions, bigger bag size or more influence is necessary as well. And the Dragon Age Inquisition Cheat Engine is the place you can exploit.

As you know, Cheat Engine is a free open source tool intended for changing single player games operating on the Mac or Windows platforms. The alterations can either turn the game easier by showing added perks, equipment, skill, and money or make it tougher by decreasing your skill or even enhancing game expectations.

How to use the Cheat Engine?

Since the procedure for starting it is similar to any game, you can follow our steps below.

  • First of all, run the game you want to play.
  • Then, tap Alt + Tab to turn on Windows switch and select the Cheat Engine window.
  • Hit the First Icon and “select a process to open.” Remember to find gamename.exe (for instance, dragonageinquistion.exe for Dragon Age Inquisition), choose it and click open.
  • Next, press the next icon to turn on the cheat table explorer or tap Ctrl + O.
  • Later, load the cheat table you downloaded and move back to the game to carry out the cheats you activated.
  • Note that every cheat table has its hotkeys. So, you should go through the description in such a way that you know what to choose or what to do to summon a change.

Dragon Age Inquisition Toggle HUD and God Mode cheat table

This cheat table needs you to avail the 64-bit version of Cheat Engine 6.4 to activate. Besides, you should prepare the VEH debugger when performing it.

Here are the features that will be started by the cheat table, including:

  • To edit character stats (level, health, ability points, etc.)
  • To edit items in the inventory (item editor)
  • To edit items in the shop’s inventory (item editor)
  • To edit party attributes (power, perks, influence, etc.)
  • Free camera (x, y, z)
  • Free crafting (no ingredients used)
  • God mode
  • Infinite items supply in the shop
  • Infinite Potions
  • Infinite zoom
  • Toggle HUD
  • Toggle SkyHold Outfit

Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands 3

Infinite money while playing on PC, Xbox One, 360, PS3 & PS4

One of the most expected cheats while playing this cool game is to receive an endless amount of cash in your inventory.

The trick lies in twisting the system clock on your PC or consoles. However, it’s warned making the most of this cheat might ruin the entire flow of the game. Also, it’s possible this exploit can be patched out in due course, though it might be tough to move away from the game’s systems.

So, how to own all the money you want?

  • At first, please choose Gather Coin in Ferelden
  • Then send Josephine on the mission. Keep in mind to observe the timer at this time.
  • Later, merely hit Alt + Tab on the PC and move the system clock forward by an hour.
  • Next, turn back to the game and you will have automatically done the mission for a stack of cash.
  • Repeat this process as many times as you possibly can.

In case you’re playing Dragon Age Inquisition on Xbox or PlayStation versions, you need to:

  • Close the application firstly.
  • Then enter the date setting on the consoles.
  • Move the system clock forward by an hour like above so that you will have finished the mission as loading the game.
  • Repeat as many times as possible, of course.

Final thoughts

With a list of Dragon Age Inquisition console commands as well as basic information of the Cheat Engine above, do you think that you can use them to play this game better?

Of course, YES, right?

Even, you can experience more fun moments and pleasure when using them while playing. If you are a newbie, make sure you give this game a try. In case you’re a seasoned player, please take advantage of these codes to finish with the best result.

And don’t forget to follow us on this site so that you can update latest news and information about Dragon Age Inquisition as well as other popular RPG games. Be happy to support you!