What do you know about the dinosaur game multiplayer, a io dinosaur version just released?

What do you know about the dinosaur game multiplayer, a io dinosaur version just released?

  02 Oct 2018


Different from the original Dinosaur game from Google, the Dinosaur game – Dinosaurgame.io is an enhanced version for this game. Inspired by the Google Dinosaur game, the Developer team has taken actions to improve the original one into a new level, with Multiplayer and Friend mode provided. After a few days playing this game, I have found out some interesting things that I would like to share with you. Let’s stay tuned for more!


To start playing this game, all I need to do is just enter this website Dinosaurgame.io and then enter my name or nickname. By putting my name there, the game will save all of my progress while I’m playing and after each session, my name will appear on the Scoreboard alongside with other players.

Dinosaurgame.io is improved with multiplayer mode

Once I have finished entering my name, the next thing I need to do is to press either the Spacebar key or the Up arrow key from my keyboard, and then the game will Start straight away. In Dinosaurgame.io, I will control the main character, a cute little dinosaur in black and white 2D graphics, and the mission is to pass all obstacles along the way including Cactuses and Ducks. Note that Ducks will only appear once you’ve reached 450 points and higher. Just one touch at any of those things, your dinosaur will be dead and the game will start over again.

I have noticed that all of my points for each time I’ve played will be recorded on the Scoreboard together with other players, which creates more motivation in me to surpass my current points and also your competitor’s point in order to reach to higher.

Graphics and Sounds:

  • The Dinosaurgame.io game was designed in 2D graphics, all characters are very cute and suitable for all ages to play in their own free time.
  • There is no sound in this game, which could be considered as an improvement point for Developer team in the near future.

Dinosaurgame.IO unblocked game:

One thing I have to admit is that once I have started playing this game, I just can’t get enough of it. Dinosaurgame.io gives me a desire to reach higher scores and to be the top player from the list. Luckily for me, I just find out that this game is also unblocked game, which allows me to play wherever and whenever I want to. For Unblocked games, you could enjoy playing your favorite games even at school or during office hours (in your free time, of course).

With the dinosaur io, you can invite friends and enjoy the fun moments together

I would give to the Developer team a huge compliment on this improvement because with this Unblocked feature, now I can introduce to other friends at school to join and compete with me via Friend mode, during break time, which brings more fun than ever!

Final Verdict:

With the Massively Multiple Online (MMO) features, Dinosaurgame.io surely has surpassed its predecessor. The game has connected players from around the world to compete against each other, which brings more fun to this 2D classic game.