What is the best Dark Souls?

What is the best Dark Souls?

  21 Aug 2018

To be known as the most significant action-RPG after Diablo, Dark Souls has soon gained its BIG success since 2010, giving players intricate, technical, smoldering, and challenging games. Moreover, its series has inspired and reshaped other RPGs and action games. What’s more, it has emoted a trail for Japanese game developers.

Now, you can see the Dark Souls game offer fantastic things, but, what is the best Dark Souls game? The first version or the latest one?

Actually, there are many different answers because it depends on what criteria you’re using. That’s why we will show you an order of Dark Souls games from worst to best. Be ready to discover? There we come!

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What is the best Dark Souls game?

Dark Souls 2

dark souls 2

This version is indeed a massive game, spreading out a more extensive variety of fantasy landscapes. Moreover, you can discover lots of new weapons than the first part. And some places are crowded with better-armed and more mobs of enemies. Plus, the concept of hollowing is more complicated. For instance, you can be invaded while hollowing; however, you cannot summon other players to support you.

You soon explore many small changes in Dark Souls 2 such as summoning needs a limited time, an uncontrollable stat mainly bases on every enemy soul, etc. By the end, you feel like this game built to provide more of everything with returning elements twisted for the aim of being different.

Dark Souls 3

dark souls 3

To the question “what is the best Dark Souls game,” some choose the latest while the others prefer the first. In our opinion, Dark Souls 3 is a bit less than the first.

This part almost alters every change from Dark Souls 2 in order to bring a narrative, mechanical, and thematical sequel. Also, it increases the slow pacing with quicker movement and more fluid animations. That’s why you need to be patient and cautious while playing this version.

Especially, Dark Souls 3 receive great benefits from newer console hardware, adding beauty and depth to the game. Furthermore, it fixes misstep and mistakes and becomes the most fun of the three to play. What’s more, changes to the weapon upgrade system and other cool things are so fantastic.

Although Dark Souls 3 holds a bit of the lost magic like Dark Souls 2 that makes you spend more time in exploring, it’s a great action game that you should play.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition

dark souls

It can be said this version is exactly what makes Dark Souls such a unique game. If Dark Souls 3 comes with far fewer rough patches, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die is a less frustrating game, making it a better choice to enjoy.

As you know, we often mention difficulties and challenges while playing Dark Souls. Of course, they are essential parts of what make the best action-RPGs. However, please remember that the way that the Souls game wants is to make their games so refreshing and bold. That’s why the appearance of this part in 2011 hit the gaming world like an explosion.

The difficulty of Dark Souls: Prepare to Die commands players to overcome it in any way. Although this version does nothing, it obscures, frustrates and leaves you to evaluate your own solutions and needs to complete the main mission. Even, you get such a surge of enjoyment to overcome obstacles while playing. And whenever you enter the game, you soon recognize that it’s hard to stop playing until gaining a victory.

Final words

Now, you know the answer to the question “what is the best Dark Souls game,” right? Do you agree that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition is the best? Or you prefer Dark Souls 3?

Actually, we’ve played a lot to come to this conclusion. So, you can try all these versions and decide later. And remember to share your thoughts with us. We’re happy to see so that we can discuss more.