Fallout 4 Release Timer

Fallout 4 Release Timer

  10 Jul 2018  

After Bethesda website has officially set up Fallout 4 release timer, this BIG announcement instantly sends a significant impact on Fallout fans, who have been waiting for a long time.

Indeed, it’s a bit surprised to see Bethesda launch the game before their E3 conference, which happens on June 14th. However, it truly takes place. Now, you can catch the Fallout 4 release timer on its website within 1 week and before its official announcement.

It can be said that Fallout 4 is one of the most well-known role-playing games set in a post-apocalyptic world. If you are acquainted with the environment in this game, you will easily see retro-futuristic bars and wasteland in a post-war era.

Although being influenced by 1950’s post-war American culture, this game is mainly set in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. The primary task is to guide survivors who appear from the safety of their specific houses or live in vaults or want to escape from the brutal and harsh wasteland.

Aside from introducing some content related to the game as well as the launching time, we also mention cool information that only has in this version. Down here to know now!

Where to find gears in Fallout 4?

While playing Fallout 4, looking for gears is a MUST. For instance, you might search for multiple gears to construct some machines with power generators. Additionally, if you need them for crafting, make sure to check the following items scattering in the wasteland and scrap them to create the necessary gears.

Items to collect

Items Quantity
Adjustable wrench 1
Antique pocket watch 2
Bone cutter 2
Camera 2
Carlisle typewriter 6
Desk fan 2
Fishing rod 2
Giddyup buttercup 3
Giddyup buttercup back leg 2
Giddyup buttercup front leg 2
Gold watch 2
High-powered microscope 2
Restored desk fan 2
Typewriter 3
Undamaged camera 2

Where to get tattoos in Fallout 4?

First of all, you need to know that there are only 5 tattoos in Fallout 4. And if you want to have all, please unlock the perk in order to receive some unique bonus. And now, we will give you the exact place for each so that you can find by yourself when playing.

Name Tattoo Place
Lucky Clover A 4-leaf clover with wishbone Mass Pike tunnel in the West or East
Anchor Anchors and stars are on the forehead Thicket Excavations

In metal trailer caravans on the marble edge of the excavation place

Eagle’s nest An eagle on the throat Concord Civic Access

In the scavengers who are sleeping or the western location close to exit stairs

Radiation skull Radioactive skull on the forehead Irish Pride Industries shipyard

Inside the shipyard of the docked ship and on a metal table

Bad luck horse Upside-down horse on the forehead Vault 81

On the lowest level of the entrance in the barber’s shop


Right now, you’re clear of the Fallout 4 release timer, aren’t you? Remember to follow it frequently in order to enjoy this new version as soon as possible. Besides, don’t miss other information that we’ve just mentioned above.

Read everything and don’t mind asking us anything you still wonder. Be happy to help you, guys!