Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes: Useful Beginner and Advanced Tips

Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes: Useful Beginner and Advanced Tips

  09 Nov 2018

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is an activity pretending first-individual shooter computer game. Its storyline centers on Handsome Jack, a representative of the Hyperion organization. After the organization’s Helios space station is caught by a military activity known as the Lost Legion, he drives a gathering of four playable characters (classes) on an endeavor to regain control of Helios and annihilation the Lost Legion.

Finding the right Borderlands Pre Sequel classes as well as knowing the weak points and good point of these classes are one of the top things in the first-to-do-list when you join in the game. Thus, take your time to have a look some useful Beginner and Advanced tips below to learn how to deal with Borderlands Pre Sequel classes. Read more to explore!

Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes

1. Athena

How about we begin with Athena, whom you may have found in the 2009 Borderlands 2 DLC, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx! Athena is all the more a tank class in the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, which means she can convey an amazing measure of capability, in the case of letting free with a couple of strike rifles or running with something heavier like a rocket launcher.


As to her acting ability, she uses the Kinetic Aspin. With this, she produces a shield like Marvel Hero Captain America. She’s ready to utilize it to redirect projectiles (perfect in case you’re encompassed by foes or endeavoring to infiltrate an intensely braced base), and in addition, throw it towards adversaries like a deadly Frisbee. From that point, it’ll ricochet around focuses before in the long run blurring, abandoning her to utilize whatever weapons she has close by, until the point that it’s revived and prepared to go afresh.

Beginning off with Athena, there are a few territories to rank up. The Phalanx Tree enables you to take a shot at expanded development speed and firearm harm, and in addition, expanded range and power for the tossed Aspis. In the event that you favor better slaughter aptitudes and harm all around (rather than simply shot), you can step up your Xiphos Tree, which has a few territories where you can beef up the quality of your weaponry, and retain more harm all the while. At last, there’s Ceraunic Storm, which can give you better power for your weapons by and large, between the expanded magazine and reload speed, and in addition the capacity to Storm Weave, which gives you a superior generally speaking shoot rate and essential impact.


Another veteran of Borderlands Pre Sequel classes who already showed up in Borderlands 2 (as a Hyperion Engineer/Loader amid the End of the Line mission), Wilhelm is an appreciated expansion to the group, a Cyborg composer who shares a considerable measure for all intents and purpose with Axton. He can gather a deployable assault ramble whenever, and additionally increment his quality through boosting, or, in other words attempting to get the bounce on an adjacent foe.


With his Cyborg additional items, apart from the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, Wilhelm is best for those hoping to take full advantage of their Skill Trees, as players can build his speed and capability with various lifts, and adding alterations to improve him a warrior all around.


Next up is Wilhelm, and his Skill Tree is to some degree diverse since it spins around the development of his cyborg increase. Notwithstanding, it will improve you a fighter over the long haul, as you can build aptitudes in the Cyber Commando Skill Tree to incorporate better mechanical parts for speed, exactness and power, and also the capacity to utilize the Vengeance Cannon, which packs a punch with regards to spreading out bigger adversaries. As you may expect, its ammo is restricted, so spare it for when it truly checks.

3. Nisha

Bolt and load, an accomplice. This previous Sheriff of Lynchwood of Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, who originally showed up in Borderlands 2, is ideal for players who like overwhelming capability. She has no issue going into fight and filling miscreants brimming with lead. In any case, with a knock up discharge rate, reload speed and firearm harm, that doesn’t mean she can’t nail somebody on the quick draw.


Notwithstanding her firearms among the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, Nisha can likewise utilize a whip to draw near to her foes. She has the best scuffle scope of every one of the four characters (particularly when you think about Claptrap’s powerless separation), despite the fact that it can’t execute the majority of her enemies. In any case, it can occupy them sufficiently long for somebody to score a lethal blow.

Nisha has her own arrangement among the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes of aptitudes to grow, principally with the quality of her skirmish weapon and fast shooting aptitudes with the Showdown capacity. Here, you can expand various zones, for example, weapon harm, discharge rate, reload speed, exactness, slug speed and force decrease. Firearm harm is likely the best zone to begin, in spite of the fact that shot speed can be valuable, particularly against snappier foes. Make a point to give her scuffle assault a lift also, as the whip prevents adversaries sufficiently long to do some substantial harm. The Law and Order Tree ought to be topped off first, and after that proceed onward to the Fan the Hammer and Riflewoman abilities, or in the event that you lean toward equalization, fill every one a little at any given moment.

4. Claptrapstill

Borderlands veterans won’t require a prologue to Claptrap in the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes. At last playable without precedent for the arrangement, this chatty little robot packs a clobber on the war zone, primarily because of the assortment of weapons he conveys.

Empty talk is best with regards to strategies is his way and difference in Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, as he can overview adjacent foes and help snare them with a gathering. His skirmish strike, or, in other words hilariously tossing his robot arm, does little harm, yet with others close by, he can cut down the hardest adversaries.


At last, however, he might be the weakest of the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, Claptrapstill has a lot of regions where you can legitimately level up. His fundamental Skill Tree is the Doomtrap, which expands fire rate and reload speed, and also the capacity to reestablish wellbeing when you slaughter adversaries (however you’ll lose shields all the while). He can likewise help his skirmish assault with a Blastwave that can push a foe back, a capacity you shouldn’t be without thinking about his absence of quality. The I Love You Guys! Tree (that is what it’s truly called) expands his capacity to recover wellbeing for colleagues and gain a superior possibility for Status Effect, while Fragmented Fragtrap’s Tree has a bounty to offer with hostile and protective subroutines. Round out the Doomtrap Tree first (and get that Blastwave), and work from that point.

What’s more, keep in mind to work your way towards a Badass Rank – the Borderlands Pre Sequel classes. Be as well as can be expected to be in each fight and you’ll have the capacity to level up faster, and in addition win extra rewards like a speed support and other little rewards in your general measurements. Try not to be reluctant to get out there and battle.

Fresh tips for beginners in conquering your Borderlands Pre Sequel Classes

1. Gravity is your companion

Gravity is your companion

Whenever outside with Borderlands Pre Sequel classes, you’re ready to jump extraordinary separations on account of the diversion’s repulsive force include. At the point when adversaries are on the ground, you can bounce and shoot them while making yourself harder to hit. This likewise applies to flying enemies, on the grounds that once you hop, you dispense with their stature preference.

2. Oxygen is to some degree precarious

Continuously watch out for oxygen stations in encompassing regions, as they will enable you to refill O2. Running out isn’t prompted, as you’re and your Borderlands Pre Sequel classes probably going to crumble and need to begin once again from the previous checkpoint.

Oxygen is to some degree precarious

Something else to remember is that you don’t should be up near an oxygen station to enact it. You can keep running up and turn it on, however in case you’re in a rush and need to keep running into an arch ASAP, you can basically initiate an oxygen station by shooting it with some type of stun weapon. You’ll locate these all over Elpis, abandoned by adversaries or in candy machines.

Keep in mind, inhale to live.

3. Stick together, notwithstanding when plundering

The Pre-Sequel bolsters four-player center simply like alternate recreations, and regardless of whether your Borderlands Pre Sequel classes are playing as the weakest squad part (which can occur), you need to stay with your gathering.

Try not to misunderstand us. Straying and investigating for additional missions or plunder is fun, however in the event that you keep running into a bigger foe – which you and your Borderlands Pre Sequel classes will frequently in this diversion – battling alone is suicide.

So, you’ll need to deliberate with your group and ensure you’re on the correct page. Having a squad of Borderlands Pre Sequel classes to cover your back – while you cover theirs – is a savvy strategy, particularly with regards to attacking another base. Without a doubt, you’ll need to make sense of who gets what plunder at last, however, you’ll remain alive, and that is a significantly greater result than recovering and surge back to the point of death.

Here and there you’ll manage rebel players who need to do their own thing. In case you’re a newcomer to Borderlands, match up with something like one accomplice (not one next to the other, but rather in nearness) to plan for bigger adversaries or difficulties.

4. Look high and low

Look high and low

At last, Borderlands the Pre Sequel classes has much more verticality than past amusements, including areas that require repulsive force bounces to reach. By and large, this is the place a portion of the better plunder is kept, so it pays to snatch your group and head upwards. There might be some harder foes holding up once you arrive, yet that is a piece of the good times.

On the off chance that you see a spot on your radar (shown by mission markers) and don’t know where the fortune is, don’t hesitate to investigate above and now and again beneath. You may unearth some cool plunder – or possibly a weapon worth the inconvenience.

Tomorrow we’ll cover some a greater amount of the propelled stuff in the diversion, such as recovering SHIFT keys and taking full advantage of your aptitude tree.

5. Build out those Skill Trees

Likewise, with past Borderlands recreations, The Pre-Sequel with its Borderlands Pre Sequel classes enables you to grow better abilities for your character utilizing trees that branch out by obtaining things. These extremely open up your character’s capacities and improve him or her down the line against harder chances. How about we investigate how every one separates.

6. Hidden challenges and other items

Alongside the primary missions included in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, there are different concealed difficulties you can enter, distinguished by little Borderlands badges in exceptional spots on the ground. These add difficulties to your present mission, and finishing them gives you’ll a chance to develop your Badass rank of Borderlands Pre Sequel classes and procure more stuff.

Hidden challenges and other items

Simply ensure you’re a prepared player before taking these on. Some of them can be out and out fierce, especially beating managers without utilizing bounce cushions – which can be about outlandish. Ensure you have decent center Borderlands Pre Sequel classes also, as they can present to you that substantially closer to culmination.

At last, in case you’re searching for a lift, ensure you stop by Moxxi’s bar now and again. She gives you various beverages (at a cost, obviously) that can enable you to buff up in specific regions. The impacts normally keep going for 30 minutes, yet once in a while that is all you have to beat that one genuine annoyance adversary.